So I have gotten stuck on a new kick and have found a product I absolutely LOVE! I am not a big coffee fan and find myself crashing around 2:30 everyday at work. That was until I started drinking 8 oz of CranEnergy by Oceanspray every morning. This juice literally keeps me going all day and it’s natural and a healthier alternative to coffee. When I drink this as opposed to coffee I do not have to worry about feeling jittery or coping with the crash that comes after.  So about a year ago I started drinking CranEnergy every morning before work. It really keeps me going and focused throughout the day. So far everyone that I have known who has tried it has been pretty happy with the results.  It currently comes in 3 flavors, raspberry (my personal favorite), pomegranate, and obviously cranberry. So if you are in the market for a healthy pick up this is my vote!