Happy 4th to all of those who serve!!!

Earlier this week I was out getting coffee for a meeting at my workplace and I saw something that made me completely choke up! They have bags of coffee (Support from Home Blend) that you can buy and add a personal message to send out to our troops who are serving. I read quite a few of the messages some were a simple “Thank you” others were quite long and sweet. However, one really stood out for me. A 7-year-old had written “Thank you for saving our world” ┬áThat pretty much did me in! Here is a pic of just a small section of the stack of coffee donated by the generous people in Fountain Valley, CA:

If you would like to donate a bag here is the link:

A dollar from each bag will be donated to the Fisher House. (See website for more details)

Another store that is doing their part is Old Navy. You can buy a t-shirt or tank top and they will send one free to a service member for FREE!! Here is a pic of one of the shirts:

In honor of their contributions and dedication to defending our nation what better way to thank them by giving back!

Citizen Support (Scroll down to the bottom to see lists)

Adopt a military unit:

If you know of a great website or store that is doing their part for our men and women who serve please feel free to post a comment below!