My mother in law has decided that she will be bringing my wedding dress for me from abroad. She asked if there is anything I like then I can tell her but frankly speaking I’d like to pick my own dress. It is my wedding and I am only going to get married once. I really appreciate her effort but she even brought my engagement dress for me which a) I didn’t like b) it was too big c) it didn’t suit me. I wore it to make her happy but I really would like to pick my own dress but I dont want to make her upset at the same time. Thanks for all the help.



Hello N,

Relationships can be very difficult during the months leading up to wedding bliss. Emotions tend to run high and most lose sight of the ultimate goal.  I would recommend you buying a thoughtful gift or a nice thank you card for your mother in laws efforts. She wants to be a part of the event just as much as you do. Does she have any daughters? If not then she is probably thrilled to have a daughter in law that can help find the perfect dress. If she does have daughters, are they married yet? She is excited and willing to help with your special day so recognize her efforts. I do not believe her intention is to make you unhappy nor improperly dress you. Instead take her out to lunch (if feasible, if not send her a nice hand written note) and gently tell her that you really appreciate her thoughtfulness but instead you rather make dress shopping a fun event for her and your family and friends. Tell her that you have been dreaming for this day to come since you were a little girl and you couldn’t imagine sharing the special moment without her presence. This way she is included in the event but at the same time you don’t end up with a cheap replica from overseas. I am sure you will make a beautiful bride just remember to be gracious of those that are willing to help, even if it might not be to your taste.  Congrats and enjoy the ride!