I really like this girl and I am pretty sure that she likes me. She always gets nervous whenever I sit beside her. It’s like she can’t concentrate anymore, she starts to fix herself up(lip gloss, shirt, etc), she keeps looking at me when I am working, she adjusts herself, and she keeps clearing her throat. Whenever we walk by in the hallways and we catch each other looking at one another I always look away at the floor and I notice that she does the same sometimes, while other times she will stay staring at me. I have never felt this way towards a girl in my life. It’s like we are on the same wavelength whenever we do stare at each other and it feels like it is just the two of us, and I feel at peace. I have never had these problems with a girl before, so I don’t know what to do.

I am always helping my friends with their girl problems and such, so I thought I would not have problems talking to other girls. With her it is completely different. When I sit beside her I feel like my heart is trying to make a run for it. It starts beating so fast and so hard that I actually hear the heart beat, and she keeps looking at me and playing with her hair, and she does not do this to any other guys. Please help. How in the world do I get the guts to talk to her.



Dear U,

Ah, welcome to love at first sight with a serious touch of chemistry. First off, remember that she is a person just as much as you are, and quite obviously feeling just as anxious. So, I would start with something small, have you ever overheard her talking about a topic that you are familiar with or feel comfortable discussing, ie pets, movies, weather, etc? This is a nice way of striking up a very general conversation with her initially. And the reason you were able to give advice to others and can’t in this situation is because you are personally involved and your emotions are being affected. Isn’t it fun?!  If you would like too instead or after you’ve spoken with her  a few times,  you can always just ask her out for coffee to go over work stuff. This way it gets you out of the work setting and in a more relaxed atmosphere. And once you are there ask her about herself, get to know her on a personal level. I don’t mean the 3rd degree but just what she likes, where is she from, what she wants to do/go with her life. In the end the worst that could happen is she could say no to your offer.  But I don’t think she will =)