Why do people (my husband) think its ok to flirt on Facebook and [then] erase messages from [his] wife?


Dear Anonymous,

This is a tough subject because I personally have mixed emotions about Facebook. I think it is an excellent platform for businesses and marketing. As well as for personal use to keep in touch with friends and family and allows you to reconnect with the people of our past. However, many people hide behind a computer and use this tool negatively (bullying, illegal activities, adultery, journaling, etc) rather than in a positive manner. There is nothing wrong with someone flirting a little in my opinion however more so on the receiving end-knowing that others are interested in you makes you feel good about yourself. And as a wife myself when someone is interested in my husband I am flattered not threatened because I know that he is committed to our relationship. 
However, creating an illusion of someone who you are not is unhealthy. It sounds like your husband has become caught up in the world of internet make-believe. It also sounds like subconsciously he is starting to lose interest in your relationship. Many people do not realize that although it might just be text or some random website people do pay attention and there are people on the receiving end of what is written…or in your case deleted. If I were you I would suggest that you and he go to counseling to get to the root of the issue and to assist you with confronting this hurtful behavior.

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