Anyone else ever noticed that the men in our lives tend to have a hard time focusing on more than one thing at a time? The male brain is built specifically to focus in on a single item which is wonderful at completing tasks however can create some frustration for his female counter part. For as long as I can recall my brother, my male friends, and even my own husband has trouble with remembering every birthday, anniversary, and/or special annual holidays. Don’t get definsive guys 🙂 this is just the nature of the beast…and heck, I have a hard time keeping them all straight at times myself! So, why not pre-oragnize to alleviate any confusion or last minute panick? Plan ahead…and when I say plan ahead I don’t mean just for one… but ALL important events for the entire year. In a digital age this is quite simple to accomplish or you can use the old school method of a paper calendar. I personally am an avid fan of Mac so I use iCalendar but as far as I know even the most basic of computers/cell phones allows you to create appointments/reminders on an annual basis. Anyway, I recently did this for my husband as a nice suprise and yet to ease his mind about attempting to remember certain dates throughout the year. iCalendar allows you to create events (specfic to time or you can set it for “all day”) then you can set up alerts minutes to weeks before the actual event. Currently, I have my phone as well as my husband’s set up to remind us of important dates one week prior. This allows us to purchase/ship a gift or card if needed. Then we use the reminder on the day of to follow up with a phone call. Shameless I know to admit I am not as organized as one might think! However, having this ability to pre-set important dates is most helpful and can truly be a life saver!