This unfortunately will be a tough topic-divorce. It’s difficult because most people don’t want to talk about it. Divorce has become an all too common theme and everyone is affected, from the couple whom are going through the matter, the children (if applicable), and the family and friends that know the couple as a cohesive unit. It’s like an infectious disease that spreads throughout our family and friends. It’s amazing to me to see how my friends deal with this topic and how I personally feel about it as well.

I have a multi-view on the subject unfortunately, and I am sure I am not alone. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old, from a child’s perspective I thought that it meant that my parents were splitting and I had to decide with whom I wanted to live. A daunting idea for a little brain of that age… If I live with daddy, mommy will be hurt, if I live with mommy, daddy will be hurt. Luckily, it wasn’t up for me to decide which I realized later but regardless, it made an impact. 

Fast forward to today and divorce is hardly a surprise sadly. I think that in today’s society the option to change, “upgrade”, or modify is presented as being easily attainable that people just don’t take marriage as seriously.  It’s disappointing to see and hear so many people just throwing a marriage away because they just assume something better will come along eventually or because the relationship becomes rocky. { On the other hand, I do agree with divorce if the marriage isn’t healthy. If you and/or the other person’s well-being is at stake by all means it’s not a good match. However, this could be a whole separate topic in it’s own right… } Regardless, it appears as though marriage isn’t held to the same standard as it was in the past. A union between two people to last a lifetime of sharing each others thoughts, goals, dreams and hardships. How has divorce affected your life and those that you love? 

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