I’m putting advice on hold for this one…As cliché as this will sound I am going to write a post about Whitney Houston. But I’m not stopping there, how about Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger? Oh and the list continues… seriously there is a running list on Wikipedia of people who have died due to drug related incidences! This is just sad and troubling people who had/have a promising career who are lost to the battle of addiction. I know that nothing has been released yet as to what caused Whitney’s death but many of have the same first thought-overdose. Drugs are all to easy for people who have fame and wealth. Something isn’t right in this world when the talent that is left or just beginning to bud is taken away so quickly. Only to make a brief yet promising debut before the the beautiful spark is put out. I know that she will be missed- she is one of the first people that I recall singing along with in my childhood- she was (*cringing at using past tense right now) a solid and true singer. My thoughts and condolences go out to her friends and family. Keep on singing Whitney…maybe we will still be able to hear your heavely voice from above.

I just have to ask…how many more talented people do we have to lose from drug abuse before something will give?