There has to be a full complete post as a follow-up to 2/13/12. It has nothing specifically to do with the stars and talent that we have lost. But more so to do with fact that we are facing an epidemic. Prescription drugs have taken over the market-heroin and cocaine are no longer the threat, instead it’s been replaced with pharmaceutical grade heroin known as Oxycontin. As well as numerous other marketed and abused drugs. My husband and I watched an episode of Vanguard this week that was covering this very topic and showing how easy it can be to obtain medications. Luckily the state that was providing the medications freely has recently began a data base to track prescribes and patients which will help reduce the amount of trafficking. The documentary showed that one person was able to go to several pain clinics for a minimal back problem and received over 2,000 pills in the course of one month….one person… Not surprisingly, he has since passed away due to overdose. This is a major issue and it just appears to be getting worse. We are losing celebrities, friends, and loved ones to this rising problem. In college I wrote a paper about drugs and the legal ramifications that were put in place to assist with the rise of prescription abuse. People who were/are addicted were/are thrown in jail–not that people do not have some say in the matter but it’s human nature for most to follow the crowd…if something is new and “hip” and available than most are going to try it. “Celebrities do it and so can I!” I don’t see this as a viable solution. Why are we not throwing the prescribing doctor’s who took the Hippocratic oath in jail? It’s greed that fuels this business, it’s all cash based. Why not start from the source and not the end result…we are working on this from the wrong end.

What are your thoughts aboutprescription drug abuse? Do you have a solution?

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