Ah yes, another year to celebrate love in one’s life. It’s funny to me how many single people dread this time of year. It’s a day of love- that doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate those around you like family and friends. You can plan something special or a group event- make it fun and unique. Or if you want to be silly plan an “Anti-Valentines” day where no one can wear red and no flowers nor hearts are allowed either! Either way just spend the day reflecting on how much people in your life mean to you. Think of it like a second Thanksgiving but focusing more on love and support specifically. Either way I would like to thank my followers for being supportive and reading this blog. I want to show my appreciation for those that have been brave enough to share thier thoughts and feelings with me. And I also want to say that I love my family and friends. What are some fun and new twists that you or someone you know has come up with for Valentine’s day?

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