So another “fun” and “exciting” topic….money and how it affects marriage. It’s been quite an interesting ride for myself personally. It’s quite fascinating and at times mind-boggling how much our back grounds affect how we approach finances. For some it may represent freedom or the feeling that in the end you can’t take it with you so why not enjoy it while you have it in hand. And for others, saving for a rainy day provides feelings of security and stability within an unforeseen future. If only we could find a happy meeting between the two and there would be monetary bliss! Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson this evening-full disclosure is a scary yet beautiful thing. The more you know the more you can learn and apply to your life.
My husband and I came up with a new budget plan. I think this is something like the 349th revision but that’s because we just haven’t quite figured out what works best for us. We are working on the “Our” “Yours” and “Mine” method…it seems quite simple but sometimes it can get a little hairy. What can we say old habits die-hard… Anyway, here are some “rules” that we both agreed to abide by:

1. “Our” account always comes first.
2. “His” and “Her” accounts will be replenished each pay-day, the amount is determined each month and is dependant upon the budget for that month.
3. “Our” Savings account will also be “replenished” each pay period. The amount that is pulled should always be more than the amount that is allotted for “His” and “Her” accounts.
3. If “His” or “Her” account fund balance is at 0 she or he cannot “borrow” money from “Our” account to cover the cost.
4. If “His” or “Her” account is over drawn the amount will be deducted from the following pay period.
5. If there is an emergency “His” and “Her” accounts should be used to cover “Our” account, if rules 1-4 are followed this should not be an issue.

So we shall take the test run. Anyone else have problems with balancing finances and marriage? Also, please feel free to provide suggestions!

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