I found myself in a rather uncomfortable situation recently. One of my best friends is going through a major life shift right now. It’s been incredibly painful for this person and unfortunately it just seems to be getting worse. She is attempting to hold on to something that is no longer in her grasp. Some information came to light recently to me that further solidfied a decision that she was having a difficult time making. I knew she was weak, weary, and completely emotionally drained. I wasn’t sure how to break the news to her without her being torn down further-something you never want to do to someone that you love and care for. So I decided instead of providing full details to the information I would just let her know that she was making the right choice for her and she was headed in the right direction. That she may be confused and lost in a major tidal wave of emotions right now but from the shore I could see that the water would be much smoother ahead if she just steer the metaphorical boat away from the storm. I think in moments that are difficult or low sometimes we need to provide clarity and honesty even though it may be painful. However, instead of providing the nitty-gritty just let them know that you care and that you support their decision. What are your experiences with those that you care for when it comes to honesty?

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