Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything military related…sometimes when we live it on a daily basis we prefer to blog or talk about everything else! And sadly, as of late there have been a lot of negative stories specifically about the Marine Corps. The thing is that these people are young and put in situations that most wouldn’t be able to handle. I am not excusing their actions…but most of these men and women are only 17-22 years of age. Think back to your teenage/young adulthood memories and I can assure you bad decisions were made. Only difference is most likely your life or someone else’s wasn’t on the line. I honestly can’t imagine that kind of pressure at that age.

Anyway, I’ve had a few people reach out to me in regards to wanting to know how they can help support the troops and the families of those that serve. I want to remind people, yes I am a military wife…that does not mean that myself nor my husband or all those that do serve agree with the political bs that comes with war and being a military member. These people sacrifice their lives, their sanity, time with their family/friends and many times their young adulthood to serve and protect us. I know that I could never have the courage to do such a brave thing, but I do support those that are willing to give their lives for our freedom. You can support those that serve without supporting the war nor the politics involved. So here are just a few of the resources available:

Parents & Children Links:

Daddy/Mommy Dolls- for children while their loved ones are deployed. My sister-in-law used these for her kids and said they were wonderful. This is a non-profit that you can make donations to which will in turn provide the dolls to kids in need.

Or if you would like one of your own to send to a child you can visit the following link:

An online interactive website that can be used by parents and children as a tool to help develop skills on how to deal with deployments of loved ones.

Helping Heros & Loved Ones Links:

This is a wonderful charity that provides numerous support on all levels from the home front to overseas. They dabble in a bit of everything if you would like to know more click on their  “How We Help” tab at the top of their home page.

Other great websites that provide a multitude of options and ways to show your support:




If there are more sites that I might have missed please feel free to add them in the comments below! And thank you for supporting our troops! 🙂

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