There’s this girl I work with for about 2 and 1/2 years and no one likes her at work because they all think she’s crazy or bipolar (those are their words). I do think she acts strange at times like she can be cool one minute and then all of a sudden blow up for no reason. 

Last year she sat next to me at work so I was nice to her and found out that she acts strange because she takes 3 different (strong) pain killers everyday every 4 hours for her back pain. So I felt kinda bad for her so I became her friend even though everyone else was telling me to stay away from her.Well for awhile she was being cool and normal, but since last week i’ve noticed she seems really angry and it makes me feel uncomfortable to be around her. She’s very negative and constantly makes racist comments about other people or makes other mean comments about people.I don’t wanna be her friend anymore because I can’t deal with someone like that. What is a way that I can stop being friends with her without making her mad?

Hello A,
 It sounds like this person has some serious problems going on in her life. Pain medications are highly addictive. I don’t know what she is taking however she is probably coming off the meds when she is angry or grumpy. This is a Human Resources issue- you need to go to your HR team and let them know what is going on. Since she is having mood swings on the job it is creating a hostile work environment. This person obviously is in need of help. She might get mad but you are doing the right thing by trying to help her get the support that she needs. Or she might not even know that you did it, but something needs to be said regardless. 
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