"Human Like" by Chuck Anderson

So I want to get married to this guy that was a non-Muslim, but he converted a few months ago, he tells me he wants to marry me and I wanna marry him aswell, but theres one thing getting in the way, my family. I’m a Pakistani and my dad wants me to get married from Pakistan and my moms just all about money my mom says, get married to a Pakistani boy whose family that is rich, get a good job and so and so, which gets me really mad because she doesn’t care about my happiness, only the money I guess. My sister also got married from Pakistan but she was okay with that I gues…I was talking to my mom the other day about converting in general I didn’t tell her about the man I love, and then she start saying all this bad stuff like, ” No,  never that’s really bad” and she went all loud, and I said what if I’m not happy with the one I get married to? And then she’s like, no you’ll like this guy after wards,(I think she’s trying to say after sex, like emotions) I cry every night. I’m in the UK, and the man I love also lives down my road, he said that he’s scared of my brothers because they might be protective over me. My brothers are older than him just a few years. Please help 😦 anything, just anything that I could do? To be with him….:'(


Dear Desperate,

Love is love, you have to follow your heart. If you don’t there will be consequences regardless. Your parents are telling you these things because it is their tradition and what their parents told them. If you love him then be with him-your parents might disapprove but what is worse, living a lie and being miserable, or loving someone for life and having parents who disapprove? You are at a fork in the road and the decision is up to you, both will be difficult. But you have to make a choice for yourself and no one else.

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