What are your beliefs? Are you religious?

"A Colorful Soul is Born" by Vilma Rohena

These are questions that I’ve been asked before many times throughout my life. Even when I was a kid my friends who regularly attended church would ask “Where do you go to church?” Growing up I didn’t go to church, it wasn’t that it wasn’t allowed nor kept from me. In fact far from it, my mother was raised Catholic and was “forced” to attend growing up. So when she had her own children she never influenced myself nor my brother on where we should practice our faith. Most of my friends were Christian, although I did go to a Pentecostal church once. Not to be disrespectful, but that was an interesting experience in it’s own right…Regardless, for me what I have seen and experienced is that “religion” most of the time is organized and conformed to fit a small groups ideals which in turn influences the larger following group to go along… I don’t believe that any particular religion is right nor necessarily wrong either. I think each person needs something different or something that they can find relatable to thier own ideals. Interestingly enough, if you look at a lot of religions there are quite a few similarities among most but they might vary slightly due to location and traditions. As for my personal beliefs, there is more than just us and definitely there are “higher” powers. In my opinion it seems rather egocentric for us to assume that we are the only “beings” in this universe. There is so much more that science has yet to explore and so vast that we now know there are other universes but we just don’t know how yet to get there.  There is to much unknown to be known. Therefore, I choose spiritualism over religion- knowing there is something more but not labeling it.

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