This has been an all too common theme of late within my life as well as those around me. It seems as though love and relationships somehow take over and we lose sight of ourselves within the bigger picture of the relationship. I have had a couple of people who have mentioned getting upset if their partner wants some alone time or wants to go out with friends on their own. This is completely healthy and should be practiced by both people within the relationship. There is nothing wrong with spending time together, but if you are only spending time with each other the relationship is doomed to fizzle out eventually. We are creatures of habit and enjoy our time and space. This practice shouldn’t be tossed out when we fall for someone else. There is nothing wrong with including each other within different friendship circles. But at the same time it is ok to give each other space. It also allows the other persons needs to be met on a different level. Unfortunately contrary to romantic lyrics and thoughts you can’t always be someone’s “everything.” A little diversity spices things up and also leaves room for new topics of conversation. Which truly  is a beautiful thing 🙂

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