So forgive, that my post for today is a couple of hours later than usual, I’ve been a bit behind! Anyway, someone asked me a question and I believe it to be completely legitimate and I think at times people might confuse the two. I was asked to define the differences between exclusivity and commitment. And interestingly enough my thoughts were flooded with answers and yet I still felt that I needed to dig a little deeper to come up with a logical response. So, here it goes…. Exclusivity is when two people decide that they will no longer date anyone else. They are “exclusive” to one another. I think when you are dating someone it’s only a natural progression when you are both truly invested in the relationship and wish to see it continue on a more serious level. Where commitment runs deeper and potentially for a lifetime. Commitment is realizing that the other person isn’t perfect, that they might never change, but in the end you love them regardless or their faults or flaws. And unfortunately, I cannot provide specifics to what would be deemed as “acceptable” flaws  because we have different experiences and thoughts that allow us to match up with different types of people. Regardless, I believe when we are matched up or we do find that person there should be a balance and by the same token push us the be the best versions of ourselves. Exclusivity I believe is a step towards commitment. However, commitment takes a lot more work and also assists us with learning to grow and become more malleable to dealing with life’s changes.  What are your thoughts about exclusivity and commitment?

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