So in a former life I was once a waitress/sever as well as a bartender. Contrary to popular belief these positions aren’t exactly as glamorous as one might expect. Serving people can be quite a fast paced and at times an intense experience. I figured I might do a little throw back and provide some details to this over looked and at times under appreciated position. It’s amazing how crabby people can become over food service at times. I recall once having a customer walk into a store and demand to be seated even though we did not open for another 45 minutes. When he was told this information he went on to say he had called ahead and had already driven over an hour to come to this restaurant and that he couldn’t believe that he couldn’t be served food. Mind you this was in the morning…and we served lunch and dinner- the food was prepared fresh daily so it’s not like we could just whip something up for him. Regardless, he ended up throwing an adult tantrum ” I will never come back to this store again, and just you wait I will tell everyone I know not to come here..” Yes, seriously… It’s just food people what is the big deal?! Another thing that I noticed that was truly depressing was how many people just assume that you should service them hand and foot. I am not saying that you shouldn’t receive positive and high quality customer service but at the same time you shouldn’t treat someone as though they are beneath you. I recall once going to welcome a table and offer drinks and literally had a 70 something year old woman put her hand in my face and say ” Um, excuse me go away, we aren’t ready to order drinks yet”  Her table mates just sunk into their chairs and looked down at thier menus obviously embarassed with how rude this woman had been to me. And finally the most flabbergasting truth about serving- as a server depending on where you reside- in most states you don’t even make minimum wage! Yes, this is yet a little known fact and truth of working in the restaurant industry. I have lived in Indiana and Florida the most that I have ever made serving hourly was $3.15 as a bartender and before that as a server it was $2.15. Yes, yes, yes, plus tips…but there in lies the problem. Most people make the assumption that you are making minimum wage…therefore they might think, “Hey, I know I just dropped $100 on feeding my family, and hypothetically I should tip you 20% which would be $20…but you make minimum wage so I don’t feel so bad giving you a $2 tip…” So at best I just spent an hour of my time wining, dining and sometimes entertaining you and your family for a measily $5.15… So here is what I hope that you as the reader can take away from my post:

-be kind to those that work in the service industry
-realize they might be under paid so tip accordingly
-recognize that the food is only half of the experience and that good service matters

Have you or someone you know worked in the restaurant industry? Do you have some funny or ridiculous stories that you would like to share? Please feel free to comment below.

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