Does relationship counseling actually work? [I’ve been] married 7 years with young child. [I] have let [my] relationship with hubby dissolve to bickering, not purposely, but all the usual suspects and a few extra stressors have played a part. [We are] living in Sydney with no family around us, having a child who is deaf, money worries, small home with no space, never get time for ourselves let alone time together. We both want to make it work and want back what we once had? Is counseling a good option? Anyone had positive experience from this?


——————————————————————————————————————————–Dear Lost,

Counseling is a great option when things are tough and even before issues arise. It’s good to have an outside source walk you both through the challenges and stress that come up with everyday life. My husband and I started counseling early in our marriage. It has been a blessing for both of us in many ways. For whatever reason, there is a negative association with marriage counselors. I believe many people think that if you are seeing a counselor then the marriage is in trouble. When in reality it’s proactive to help start the marriage on solid ground. If you are both committed to working things through then working with a counselor is an excellent option for you both.