I’ve just been depressed lately and I feel I just need to get this off my chest. I’m a 16 (nearly 17) year old guy, my dad died when I was around 2, all that is left is my mom and sister, they both care alot about me but they’re both extremely short tempered and order me around which get on my nerves and I feel detached from them most of the time. I had kind of a lonely childhood, I rarely get along with others and was most of the last left out, except elementary/primary 4-6 where I got along with pretty much everyone, I had couple of very close friends, I have no problems at school and it was probably the happiest time of my life.Then I went to high school, everything just dropped, my old friends were all transferred to other schools, I can’t get along with anyone, got in trouble a couple times, it was just hard. My mom asked me a couple times how I felt about the school, I just honestly said I was upset. After the first year she dropped me out of school and said she’ll apply other schools for me but that was it, she never brought it up again, and I never asked as I hated school at that time and my mom wasn’t someone who speaks her mind, I just didn’t wanted to ask. So I stayed home and disconnected from society and social life up until now. I get up, shower, lunch, internet/play games/some housework, shower, dinner, internet, sleep, that pretty much sums up my life these past years. At some point I found some of my old friends in facebook, I contacted to one whom I consider my best friend, he was pretty happy to get in touch again but eventually I stop replying cause I was embarrassed what I am now and I just couldn’t tell the truth I drop out of school all this time. I looked at my other friends facebooks and they have lives ahead them, with lots of friends and have gf/bfs, I just look at myself in the mirror and realize what a loser outcast I am. More and more, I feel my life was just going nowhere, I started to feel lifeless and the world 100 steps ahead of me, it only got worse with my mom getting financial problems that nearly took away everything and she probably couldn’t afford school for me even given the opportunity.

My mom and sister is literally the only people I can to talk to but this is not something I want to share with them, I feel so depressed lately, I lost my appetite and feel tired all the time. I’d very much appreciate if someone is kind enough talk to a hopeless like me and if you have problems too I can hear yours.

Dear Lonely,
You need to tell you mom that you are feeling down. You definitely are expressing sysmptoms of depression. You have become isolated which have led to these feelings. Can you try and get a job, do you have any interests? Could you start going to a local library or a local place where you could interact with other people? You need to change up your daily routine. It will be a little intimidating at first but as long as you keep going eventually it will get better. If you have already touched base with your best friend back in school you should reach back out to him again, see if he wants to hang out. There is nothing wrong with feeling down you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Everyone experiences some form of depression or feeling low once in a while in thier lives. You aren’t alone 🙂