How do you girls want to be approached? I’m not looking to become a player or pick up artist. I just want to be able to approach a girl I get the butterflies for. Every time I think about saying something it sounds like it would just be cheesy, And I mean saying anything.I have never approached a girl in my life. Would asking how your day’s going, for lack of a better word, work? Am I truly over thinking everything and it is as easy that. Is it more important that a guy is confident enough to approach than to say the exact right words? And saying that, I have always hear girls like confidence, So does that mean just confidence in approaching, or confidence in know what to say, or ask. Then ask where she’s from, then other little things like that?And one last point, I am 27, so I am not in school. I have gotten answers that have good points, but then lose me they say something that I can’t do cause i’m not in school. I won’t be able to pass notes between friends. Its how to approach where its me and one girl, in a one time meeting. How is there a difference too when approaching at say the mall compared to at a bar? Would it be fine to walk up behind her and a light touch on the arm or small of the back to get her attention? Or should I position myself for her to walk by as some point so I can see her face to face?


Dear Nervous,

You need to approach a woman with respect and kindness- this is universal for both sexes. I know that you are nervous and obviously are attracted to this person. Just go up to her and say hello and ask if she would like to grab some coffee or go out for a bite to eat some time. The worst thing she could say to you is “No” Which in the end is better than wondering what she might have said to you. If the feeling is mutual you probably don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing. If she does say yes then just ask her about her self and see what you both have in common. If there is a connection then the easier this will get for you. If not then it’s ok. You have taken the unknown and brought it into the light. It’s always better to know then to regret.

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