I’m confused about my friend? I’m a 2nd year college student. I have known this girl for over a year now so we’re already friends. A few weeks ago she was acting all giddy toward me. Smiling and laughing and coming into my room to talk(I live right across the bathroom). My roommate thought that she liked me, but I disagreed saying she’s just being nice. She was giddy until last week. Then she turned cold. I asked her if I insulted her and she said she was stressed from midterms/homework. This week she’s still a little bit cold, but not like last week. She’s not smiling or laughing when I talk to her (then again I haven’t made any jokes since I’m stressed with school). But with everybody else she’s laughing and smiling all over the place except for me.She’s made me confused. I don’t like her at the moment because I had a crush on her last year. I wouldn’t mind dating her though. What should I do to solve the problem? I want her to be the giddy person I knew a few weeks ago. My roommate still thinks she likes me, but she’s not showing it. What do you think?

I normally eat lunch with her and another friend on Fridays. Today is her birthday. Why is she acting like this to me and not everybody else?

Dear Confused,
Wish her happy birthday and ask her if you can take her out to eat or for coffee to celebrate. This should be an ice breaker- then hopefully you can talk with her more. I know it will sound a bit cheesey, but be honest with your feelings. Tell her that, “I miss when you are happy and giddy around me, is everything ok?” If you express concern for her feelings she might be more willing to open up.