Ok so just so my new followers are aware I am randomly go off the advice path and choose random and obviously in this case not so random topics 🙂 So please enjoy! St. Patrick’s Day is filled with a wild array of random things that make up this fun holiday. Green beer, shamrocks, pots of gold, rainbows and leprechauns…. Being more than 1/2 Irish I began to question the meanings behind all of these random things. Now knowing that all “facts” can be twisted and changed in reality much like history. You can never really say, this is a “fact” because in reality it’s just a point of view taken at that very moment from one source of even multiple. However, it’s all about perception and how we view things differently (Oh look at that…I’ve gone on a tangent…where was I? Ah yes…) So, I did some research, (thank you Google) and found some fun tidbits for St. Patrick’s day. What can I say I’m a spirited person and if you’re planning on celebrating you might as well know why, right? So here it goes…(Again keep in mind this is what I found so if I am wrong or you have a better source please provide your input!)

Supposedly the eldest known depiction of a rainbow sighting dates back to prehistoric Europe. This bronze disc was excavated in Central Germany back in 1999.  It is known as the “Sky Disc” you can read more here (very cool!)

Ah, not sure about you but in Science class we used the acronym Roy G. BIV to remember the colors of the rainbow. Hmm, I wonder if anyone has ever been actually named “Roy G. Biv”? Anyway, I’ve always been curious about the symbolism of the colors of the rainbow:
Red- passion and success
Orange- energy and creativity
Yellow- happiness and energy
Green- harmony, balance, and growth
Blue- divinity
Indigo- wisdom and infinity
Violet-royalty, wealth,
(For more info click here & here)
Also, if you would like to know more about the science behind rainbows check The Science of Rainbows

meaning “Little Body.” Apparently, besides being well dressed and mischievous these Irish fairies are known to drink moon shine and enjoy playing music on a tin whistle, fiddle, or an Irish Harp. (Who knew?) The Legend of the Leprechaun site has tons of more knowledge as well.

Pots of Gold

As far as I can remember leprechaun’s are quite smart and you will have to find someway to outwit them in order to find their pot of gold. It is said that each golden coin that you find in their pot of gold represents a year of the leprechaun’s life (no wonder they are so protective of it)

These grassy green plants symbolize luck as well as the trinity. St. Patrick supposedly choose this plant to represent God-the father, the son, and the holy spirit. You can learn more about St. Patrick’s Day symbols here. Or you can learn about shamrock gardening tips 🙂

St. Patrick
I couldn’t provide a post with random facts about this day without including some information about the man himself! Apparently, St. Patrick was known as Maewyn Succat born in 370 A.D. As a teenager it is said that he was kidnapped from his wealthy parents and sold to work as a Shepard in Ireland. Even at an early age he began to have religious visions and dreams. One of which helped him to escape his captors and move to Britain. After traveling throughout Europe, becoming a priest, and writing a spiritual autobiography called “Confessio” he finally returned to Ireland in 432 A.D. It is said that he passed away on March 17th between 461 A.D. and 490 A.D. For more information check out St. Patrick’s Life & History

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!

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