Yes…I am going to ask for your money in this post….Wait, hold the phone, please don’t stop reading, it’s not for me but complete strangers…at least hear me out! I work for a pharmaceutical company that specializes in a drug that assists with people who suffer from MS. I am not going to do a sales pitch about the drug that we market nor am I going to go on this long tangent about what we do and who we are. But, what I am hoping is that you will offer your support and even money… (scoff…”how dare she?!”) to support the cause. Well… let me put it this way. I believe that we are all here for a purpose and that is to help and support other people. If I were financially rich I would give most of it away to my friends, family, and charitable events cause that’s the point of wealth. (For those of you who are wondering why I just used “financially” rich. Because there are many types of “riches” in the world. Being loved and having wonderful friends makes you rich in my eyes. Hence, why I added “financially” before hand 🙂 Alright, back to it..) We should share the wealth and let others benefit in the blessings as well. Giving to others makes us feel good and helps people feel less stressed and grateful for the kindness of strangers. If you can’t afford to donate that’s ok too all that I ask is that you share my post either on your blog or/and on your Facebook. And if you have a charity that you wish to promote- please provide a comment and add your link below! Pay if forward!!!

What is MS?
Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system (the spinal chord, brain, and optic nerves). The symptoms vary from person to person and range from numbness in the limbs to paralysis or even loss of vision. In the US there are roughly 400,000+ people who suffer from MS and they believe there is upwards of  2.1 million world-wide! Most people who are diagnosed with MS are between the ages of 20-50 years old. You can find more details on the National MS Society website.

What will my contribution do for someone who has MS? (via the MS Society website)
-$50 will help send much-needed information to people newly diagnosed with MS and their families.
-$100 will provide essential tools to help people advocate for improved quality of living for families affected by MS.
-$200 will help with medication assistance for people with MS.
-$300 will help provide Disposable Medical Supplies such as incontinence supplies and latex gloves.
-$500 will help with medication assistance for people with MS.
-$750 will provide Emergency Financial Assistance to eviction prevention and utility shut-offs for people with MS so they can remain independent in their homes.
-$1,000 will help cover the cost of Durable Medical Equipment such as grab bars, shower chairs, walkers and canes.
-$2,000 will provide a scholarship to help a young person affected by MS pursue a college education.

I have set my goal at $1,000- to date I am 2% into my goal! If you would like to donate to MS or forward my link click here! Thanks again for reading!

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