I am a normal person, not the party type.. and many people are surprised I am still single and not married. I am looking to meet a man to have a long term relationship with and start a family.I am feeling hopeless and not sure if I will meet someone interesting.. I used to go out joining classes, taking up hobbies, but never had any luck.
I have met my friends extended network, and again no luck.
So now, I don’t go out much.. especially since many of my friends are busy with their own lives getting married and engaged.

Can you suggest any good ideas/how to meet a decent guy? I am getting worried I will be alone forever.

-Seeking Love
Dear Seeking Love,
First off, I doubt you will be single forever. However, if you continue to sulk and focus on it you will only give off the vibe of desperation. Which in turn only pushes potential love interests away. And trust me, I understand the social pressure of “needing” to get married before you are 30. I wasn’t married until 27 and I was “late” compared to my friends. What I would focus on right now is rekindling your interests again. And maybe even trying a few things you never tried and always wanted to. Life is too short to wait for something to happen- so make it happen 🙂 Find things that you love and start participating. Generally, if you stop looking it will come to you and the best part is if you more involved and out and about the better chance you will have of running into Mr. Right!