What is the point of living together? So you’ve been with someone say a couple of years now not like 10 years or anything but youre far into the relationship where you want to move in…why do people move in with one another? Whats the point of that? What are you suppose to do once living together? In your opinion anyway…which im sure everyone might have a different view so I want to know.
Dear Curious,
The point of moving in together is to determine if you can coexist. It’s one thing to date and spend time together it’s quite another living together. You learn a lot about yourself and the other person when you live together. Their styles, their behavioural patterns, cleanliness, etc. If it’s someone who you are dating and want to take it to the next level to see if it will work then I suggest it. If this is in regards to moving in with a friend I would recommend you avoid it unless you are completely aware. A lot of people are better off as friends rather than room mates. It can create a lot of tension within a friendship unless there is a clear understanding of the shared rules and obligations of sharing your space together.
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