My husband has been married twice and has had 4 children and we just got married in october now me and him are expecting a child and I’m worried he’s gonna leave me too. I know he probably won’t but I’m scared he’s going to. I’m afraid to talk to him about it. We both really love each other but I’m just afraid to talk to him. Should I talk to him about it ?
-Worried Mom-to-be
Dear Worried,
I would first want to know if you have any insight into why he left his last two marriages. It might have nothing to do with the fact there were children involved but more so that the relationships themselves fell apart. If you already know the back story for his previous two marriages and it has nothing to do with the children then you should be fine. Does he seem excited and happy that you are both expecting? If you don’t have the story on his failed marriages you should ask. It’s important to learn from one anothers mistakes as well as know how the other person learned and maybe did not learn from those experiences. If you know each others weakness you will better understand how to work together and through lifes changes. Could it also be possible that hormones are getting the best of you right now and you overthinking the matter? This could be contributing to your uncertainty as well.
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