My bf and I are at that point in a relationship where you have that one big thing that kinda makes you question your relationship. But we’re working it out. I am trying to make changes that he asked me for and etc. I threw him a picnic, we’ve worked out together and got along fine, etc. Today is his bday and I have a important long shoot going on this week and he knows it. He didnt wish me luck or say anything to me. As soon as I got off work (early) I waited even though i was tired til almost twelve to wish him a happy bday, I texted him telling him I have something planned (I bought him a signed basketball), and I said “happy birthday babe” on his fb wall.
He deleted me off his facebook along with the comment. He was up that night and didnt say thank you to me like he did to everyone else on facebook. He hasnt responded to my text or call. The reason why I did all of that is because he always gets mad when I dont call or text him often. I am actually really hurt over this. Should I be?
Dear Underappreciated,
You have every right to be upset. It sounds like you’ve been a great girlfriend and he’s incredibly lucky to have you. Relationships are a give and take and it sounds like yours is currently out of balance. I would ask him to stop by or come see you. It’s better to do these things in person. Just be honest with your thoughts and feelings regardless of the outcome. If this is meant to be he will straighten up and be honest in return. If not then it might be time to move on. However, I think it’s better to know things up front rather than prolonging the inevitible.