So, as we are all aware life in the Western world moves rather quickly and tends to be focused around money. Fads come and go, styles fade in and back out again (repeat this cycle…), electronics are developed and provided to mass markets only to be replaced by something bigger/smaller and with more features or capabilities. It is constantly changing and moving. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up, to some degree it can become quite exhausting. Before moving to California I had always been interested in meditation…but somehow never could find the time. In reality what it came down to was I was caught up in the constant need to be connected and moving with everything along with me. Things that weren’t urgent for some reason seemed or appeared to be so. It might even say that I thought by stepping out I might not know how to get back into the flow. I have now found this to be entirely not the case at all. Taking the time to silence the cell phone, turn off the tv, and removing ourselves is a lot easier than what we might think. It’s amazing how hard it is to stop our minds. But in doing so we allow our bodies, minds, and spirit to check in. It allows us to slow and find our grounding. There have been studies on meditation and how is actually can improve your creativity and productivity level as well as reduce stress. I challenge you to try meditation- I won’t lie to you this is not something that people can do the first time- I still have trouble with my mind wandering and losing focus. However, the more you do so the easier it gets. And if meditation is not your thing-then at least to try spending some time today alone with no distractions doing something that calms you. After doing so notice how you feel. If you want even leave a comment below, I’d love for you to share your experiences with meditation.

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