No friends, dysfunctional family, depressed…I’ve lost contact with friends, I have a dysfunctional family and am very depressed. I’m also fed up of letting people in and them screwing me over. I’m told I’m beautiful, smart and witty, but I’m shy and depressed so people just don’t want to know, no matter how much of an effort I make. I feel like I’m always going to be an outcast with no one around. I’m only in my twenties and just have very little joy in my life. I suppose I just needed to have a moan.


Well the fact that you are putting yourself out here right now shows that you are smart and wish for something better. There is hope in that alone. Everyone at some point and for some multiple points in thier lives has or knows someone who has/does suffers from depression. Sometimes it’s genetic sometimes its induced by outside forces in our current lives. And it’s ok that you are down but it doesn’t mean that you have to stay there either. I would suggest that you start out by going to your local gym and take a fun class. Anxiety and depression usually need release- you just need to find something that you are willing to try and that can help in a healthy manner. Or if going to the gym isn’t your thing how about walking or biking? Have you tried reconnecting with your friends? If they are good friends then they will be willing to listen and help distract you from what is going on at home. Just be honest with them and tell them that you’ve gotten caught up in the drama of home life and that you are having a hard. It will work out- it always does you just need to find something that brings you joy and a little bit of distraction right now. If these don’t work you should also try and seeking a counselor. They can be a great help at making it through difficult times.

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