So I moved with my husband from New York City to Bellevue, WA (due to his job relocation.) He is a doctor and works Monday through Friday. The earliest he comes home is 5:30 pm. And I feel really bored here. A person can only spend so much time on the Internet and watching movies, reading books/magazines, etc.I’m looking for new and exciting things to do. But I can’t come up with anything… So I need help.We’re relatively young (I’m 25) and don’t have kids yet.
I don’t have a car. And frankly I don’t need/want one. We live downtown and there’s everything that one might need within a walking distance. (Restaurants, coffee shops, a very big mall, movie theater, parks, bowling, lounges, etc.) So having a 2nd car doesn’t make sense (financially.)
We live in an 950 sq. ft. apartment, so there’s not much to clean/arrange.
I cook/bake pretty much every day, but that only takes about an hour or 2.
I’m also working towards obtaining a 2nd Bachelor’s degree.
I like to work out with my husband and not alone.

I’m looking for suggestions on what to do.
Any ideas?


Before you were married did you have any hobbies or interests? Books, hanging out with friends, theater, scrapbooking, dancing, blogging, networking? I get that you are working on school but that doesn’t leave much content to your daily routine. And the movies and shopping will only keep you occupied for so long. I would suggest that you look for new things to try or learn and maybe even look into community service. At the end of the day you help someone else and also feel good knowing that you made a difference.Getting involved in activities with others will also provide you with something to share with your husband other than the normal routine.
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