Hi there I’m 15… My dad left home when I was like 7… Well he was kicked out… Apparently he was violent and stuff… But I never got to see him much after he left for a couple of years while he was living in a bed sit… He wrote to the solicitors saying he would have me live with him once he is in suitable accommodation… He then got together with this old jag who is a ***** and ignores me… They moved into a rented house together… Over the past 6 or 7 years I’ve been trying to go live with my dad cbecause I have a huge amount of love that I can’t control… Once he got into his house he then said he couldn’t have me there as she pays half the rent and so she has a say in the matter… Numerous occasions he has been threatened I will go into care and I’ve been dumped at his door step but still nothing… But at the end of the day I still go back to him at the weekend… I can’t help it… I can’t live without him no matter how much he pushes me away… He’s always saying how he loves me and he wishes he could have be live with him but he won’t… He tries to buy me off with presents and stuff and then throws it in my face if i say he hasn’t spent much time with me… He puts her before me… He constantly says he will do stuff with me like hobbies and stuff but he never follows it through and always lets me down… But then I go back to him… What can I do???
Sometimes, no matter how hard it may seem we have to let go. If you continue to hope that your dad will change then given the past and his repeated pattern he will continue to let you down. Which unfortunately just hurts you and makes the relationship that more strained. I am sure that your father does love you- but unfortunately doesn’t know how to provide you with the necessary affection that you desire and deserve. I would enjoy the moments that you do have with your dad and take them as they come. However, you will need to try, and it will be hard, to accept who your dad for who he is- cause he most likely will not change. It has nothing to do with you or who you are or what you desire. People are who they are, it’s accepting it that is difficult.
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