My family some of the most annoying human beings I’ve ever metMy mother: Probably the worse always complains and criticizes me will never let me say anything or do anything without making comments and just in-general puts me down she is stupid ignorant hypocritical and two faced

My dad: Half the time he is drunk and just can’t shut up always talks loudly on the phone never stays true to promises puts me down and saying I’m going to be a failure in life and pretty much only wants me to be an author because he was a failure in his own life

So hypocritical and just god-damn ignorant and annoying

My brother: Annoying that’s it just annoying his friends are annoying he’s annoying and he is dumb

I just cannot wait to move out- but until then how do I endure this frustrating family?

We are only blessed to have one family but we can choose who are friends are. I understand that you are frustrated but even in all of this I am sure at SOME point and possibly multiple points you have had positive experiences with each of them. You wouldn’t be here without them- I am not agreeing with them putting you down or belittling you. I would suggest that you try and find a “second” family in those around you such as friends. Those that can be supportive and compassionate. Just be patient and I am sure given time you will be able to move out.
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