My ex and I been broken up over a month now. I’m still in love with him. I’m trying be strong and cut off all contact.he has been calling me lately but i act like I don’t care to talk so he hangs up. I told him last night in a text.(we should stop talking,I don’t feel comfortable talking to you anymore.hope all is well.maybe we can be friends in the future) ….he really hurt me and I don’t rush back into things. Even though I am 1,000’s of miles away. We still were in love for 2 not sure why he calls cause he don’t show much emotion nor has he talked about the breakup. Should I contact him for answers or cut off contact to give him time to think about me and if he still wants me? I want him to know what he wants before he tries to contact me!
I think the first thing you should do is look at why the relationship didn’t work in the first place. Being a part and not having contact allows us to fully process the experience on our own and without any confusion of emotional attachment. I think it was wise of you to be honest with him about your feelings and your request that he give your space. The hope is always to end a relationship that didn’t work on a good note. You loved each other but sometimes ending it isn’t easy nor pretty. I think for him he doesn’t know what he wants and hasn’t given himself the time to acknowledge that he needs to think things over. If he texts back again just let me him know again, “I really need space right now and I think it would be beneficial to you. I ask that you respect my feelings on this. I do hope that we can continue to be friends but as of right now I am still processing this.” Then when you think you are ready just send him a text asking how he’s doing. It will work itself in whatever manner it is meant to be. Just focus on yourself right now a figuring out what happened and why it didn’t work.
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