My mom wants me and her to move to another state far away from my brother and dad.. and she will only go if I go with her. She is an alcoholic (been to rehab) and she wants to get her life back together. My dad abuses her and has ever since he got in a bad car accident. She wants to get away from the abuse and doesn’t think its a good environment for me to be in. My brothers are mean to my mom and are “rebels”… my mom is extreemly sensitive and stressed. I’m not really sure that I want to go though since I am a freshman and I have all my friends and life situated.. I am happy with my life and am doing really well in school and such.. my dad is upset and mad that I would possibly go with her and leave him and my brothers.. he said that they will not come and visit, but I could come and visit them. I don’t know what I should do, can someone please give me advice?? I need it. If I stay here, I don’t want to be the one that held my mom back from escaping this :’/
I don’t believe this environment is condusive to your health nor your mom’s. If you are doing well in school and have a great support system in friends then I understand your hesitency to want to stay put. However, you’re mom would do better in removing herself from the situation. Is there any way she could compromise by moving out but staying with the city? This way you could stay at the same school, see your brothers and father and also support her?
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