She says I am too young anyway, Im 15. SHe also say’s “No grandchildren”, but im not even having sex. She just assumes its going to happen. She had me when she was 16.


Your mom is probably recalling how hard it was for her when she had you. Not that you aren’t a blessing to her- but having a kid at such a young age is tough. You have to grow up and it puts a definite end to your childhood/young adulthood. It’s a full time commitment. She probably is fearful that you might make the same choice that she did. I would tell her that you love her and that she has nothing to worry about that she raised you well. That you are not having sex and have no intention of doing so until you 18 (but this also means you have to live up to this promise…) And that you just want to meet new people and make friends. She will eventually come around. She loves you and has your best interest at heart even though it might seem like she is on your case right now.
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