I have ALWAYS wanted to adopt a child. I also want one or two of my own but I definitely want to adopt at least one child. Just from things I have heard over the years, I am afraid I will have a child that feels incomplete with my family and not happy because they are missing something. For anyone who has been adopted, do you love your parents as much as you would your bio parents? Do you feel like you are constantly missing something and unhappy about it? I’m afraid I will adopt a child and they will just wish they were with their bio parents.


All children crave love, support, and guidance. It doesn’t matter how the person who provides this is related to the child. Just be open and understanding to their potential desires to know where there roots lie. Sometimes the parents can’t afford emotionally, psychologically, nor financially for their newborn child. Or maybe it was created out of less than pleasant experiences. Either way the child has been brought into this world and deserves love just as much as everyone else. As long as you remain a positive and constant aspect of a child’s life they will love and be grateful in return.

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