My boss and I have had a thing for either for a while now. We’ve been sexting for a really long time. But only recently did we actually have sex. He’s 40 years old and I’m 23. He’s married with three kids around my age. But that hasn’t stopped him from always texting me while he was at work for pictures or just to talk. He’d always be very persistent asking for more even after I got tired of sending them. After we hooked up last week I texted him the next morning to send him more pictures. (I can only text him if I know he’s working so his wife won’t see) but he just didn’t seem into it. He hasn’t really even been looking at me at work or talking to me much unless its work related. Is it possible the guilt finally set in on his side and he wants to stay faithful now? Our has he gotten bored of me now that I finally put out? Should I try texting him tonight tip see what’s going on? Or just leave it alone?


You know the saying that sometimes things are too good to be true? First off I am sure to some degree you might think it is exciting to have a fling with your boss let alone a married man. However, at any time did you ever stop and consider the consequences of these actions? If you were his wife and you had 3 kids how would you feel about him sleeping with a 19 year old? The point is you’ve tread into some dangerous territory. The best I can suggest is to leave it alone, avoid making the same mistake twice, and look for a new job.

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