Okay, me and my ex-fiancé started having problems shortly after getting engaged and finally we ended it and I moved out with our 7 month old son. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant again and now all I want is for our family to be together. He seems like he’s becoming more responsible and family oriented which is what I’ve always wanted. I’ve also been trying hard to prove to him that I’ve been working on my problems and that he, and our family, is truly what I want. In a few weeks I was planning on taking him to dinner to talk about how everything’s been going lately. Would it be ridiculous if, after making sure dinner went well, I proposed to him?


Marriage is a serious commitment and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If there were troubles initially then there is still progress to be made. I think if I were you I would ease yourself back into this before taking the plunge. I am not saying that this doesn’t have the potential to become a great relationship and eventually marriage. But keep in mind that you don’t have to be married to create a loving and committed family.

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