1. Allow yourself the mental space to be as creative and truthful as you can.

From the time we are little, we have been told to fit in and fit the mold, limiting and cutting off the dreams that are churning deep within.

The problem is that the molds we’ve been told to fit into have changed as we’ve grown, and it’s become hard to know where our dreams end and these molds begin. Trying to tap into your passions may be difficult, but it’s definitely possible and even necessary.

Try this.

Ask yourself what you would do and what you would try to accomplish if you knew you could not fail.

Pretend you are a superhero who could choose to do anything and be successful. Pretend there are no other players in the game—nobody to judge or to tell you you’re wrong.

Just picture you succeeding at your dreams, whatever they may be. What would you do if you could not fail?

My list of dreams was easy to start. I knew my number one dream immediately: to write a book that was one hundred percent me. After some thought, though, I came up with some other dreams and things I’d love to try that maybe I hadn’t allowed myself to admit before.

Before I knew it, the list grew longer, and my heart felt even happier.

Do not go on to the next section until you have written down a few options.

2. Map out the path to your dreams.

Even when we identify what we wish we could do and be, our dreams are just that—dreams—because they seem so far off. It’s hard to imagine them occurring in real life, but that’s not exactly true at all.

What if I told you that each of your dreams is only a series of steps away from coming true? What if you are only a few small tasks away from being your true self?

Take out a piece of paper. Make two columns. In the left column, write down your dreams. In the right column, next to each dream, write down the one single thing you can do today to achieve that dream. (Nothing huge allowed, so please don’t cheat—just one minuscule task per dream.)

Guess what? You are now on your way to achieving those dreams that seemed so far off and impossible. Reaching those dreams is just a series of small tasks away.

Sometimes, the tasks I wrote down were as small as writing one page of my book or reading an article of research. Other times, they were more complex, like editing an entire chapter or finding places in the book where I could insert some jokes or other pieces of my personality.

Most importantly, though, they were always tasks I could tackle in one day and simple enough to avoid scaring me into procrastination.

3. Water your most fulfilling dreams.

You have before you a roadmap to start achieving the things you never thought possible, or those you put on the backburner for way too long. But, let’s face it. Some dreams are bigger and much more fulfilling than others.

Instead of weeding out the ones that are least important,… read the rest here