How do I tell my boyfriend I love him after I didn’t answer him when he told me he loved me? We are both 22 years old, we have been together for 3 months and now he is telling me he loves me when he told me he loved me my response was o oh my, he told me that it was ok if I couldn’t say it back and that it still didn’t change the fact that he loved me. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my previous relationship I fell in deep love with my ex and he hurt me badly i found out that scum was married. I want to say I trust my current bf but I also trusted my ex and he was living a double life. my current bf is a sweet guy, I want to tell him I love him but just don’t know how I feel like a a$s for not telling him I loved him when in fact I do love him (at least I think its love). another thing he wants me to meet his family they are in Florida he is stationed here my biggest concern is what if they don’t like me because I am black and he is white. I just don’t know what to do thanks in advance for the advice.

He wants you to meet his family after dating for 3 months? That seems a little quick. If I were you it’s better to air out the baggage ahead of time. Be honest with him, tell him you love him too however you’ve been bruised pretty badly in the past. I definitely would reconsider meeting his parents just because the relationship is so new. As for the parents being a different race don’t let that seed plant to deeply in your head. Love is love and it is color blind. Your happiness and that of your partner are all that matter in the end.
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