What should I do to get my husband back? We are only 20, we got married about over a year ago and we have been separated for over 2 months. Yes we fight too much and we haven’t been respecting one another anymore. He says he no longer loves me. These two months that have past we have been treating each other very bad, Our fights have gotten so ugly but NOT violent. I recently realized that I miss him and I want him back. Everyone around me including him tells me its time to let it go. THat we got married at a young age and it will never work out. But I know the he is the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. We don’t have kids and he is a soldier. There have been many lies and I admit he has been very mean to me. But I forgive him, I call him about every morning trying to talk to him to come home. We decided were going to stay married till our apartment lease is over but we don’t live together. So I’m thinking I have about 2 months to try and win him back before he files for divorce. What should I do to show my husband I’m serious bout us getting together and making him fall in love with me once again? I know it won’t be easy but I’m motivated to trying anything.

I think that it might be best to let the heart breathe for a little while longer. If people who have known you and loved you for your entire life are telling you you need to let this go…it’s probably in your best interest. I know that you love him and you want this to work but you cannot force someone nor convince them to love you. You two are both incredibly young and you both deserve to be happy. Marriage is based on honesty and commitment. The relationship has already been tainted with lies and pain. You should listen to those who have loved you longer on this one and let him go. It won’t be easy but over time when you look back on this you will see the bigger picture and be grateful that you were able to move on and forward with your life.
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