If your spouse stopped working, showering, socializing, and going outside, no matter what you have tried, they basically just eat, sleep and go to the bathroom… do you stay in the relationship and chuck it up as “for better or worse” or do you move on with your life and leave them to their own devices? I am not sure what I would do. I know I would want my husband to stay with me, but at the same time, I couldn’t get mad if he wanted more out of life….

There is a fine line to doing what is best for the someone you love and what is best for yourself. A marriage is founded on trust, love, compassion, but also independence. We help one another when times are tough but if one cannot pull themselves out and they start to bring you down as well I don’t think it wise to stay. If you try EVERYTHING in your power to help this person, seek therapy, see doctors if it’s medical related, work with friends and family to bring this person out of it to no avail then it might be best to let them go. It’s amazing how when something is gone we realize what it is worth. And sometimes doing just that is a big enough wakeup call to move someone out of a rut.
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