How can make my daughter in law more comfortable around me? Basically, I know little about her. I met her once, briefly, as my son’s new girlfriend and then the next time I saw her he announced they were getting married and she was already 5 months pregnant. To put it lightly, she didn’t get a good welcome to the family so I understand why she doesn’t want to be around anyone. I just want a relationship with my granddaughter, and I would like her mother to feel welcome, by me at least.


Just be honest. Tell her that you recognize that things might not have started off well but you would like to try again. Offer to help organize her shower or take her out to lunch and invite her mother too. At the end of the day all that matters is that your son and soon daughter-in-law are happy and healthy. She might be hesitant at first but give her some time. Your son is a create contact also for this case, you can always ask him what her interests include.

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