You used to be perfect.  Physically, I mean.  My shiny new little boy proved that to me:

See?  Perfect.

A Perfect Little Boy

Just as we start life without emotional damage and baggage, we start life without physical damage too.   Over the years, physical damage accumulates.  It results in poor movement, including imbalances and misalignments.  Eventually, it results in injuries and illnesses like osteoarthritis and heart disease.  A misaligned and unbalanced body can also make it more likely that a woman will have a difficult pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Every person I know has some sort of ache, pain, injury or illness, even if it’s minor.  So how did we get from perfect little babies to broken adults?  Believe it or not, our bodies are not designed to break down; Our lifestyles have made us this way.  Let’s review the major ways that we ruin our bodies – I will be writing more in depth posts about each of these “body-ruiners” so you can understand the in depth mechanics.

1.   Sitting (or, a lack of changing positions)

Sitting is bad for you – recently, researchers have tied sitting to an increased incidence of heart disease and diabetes. Interestingly, this is true for all people regardless of age, weight, body fat and minutes spent exercising per day.  So, even some one who is young, thin and exercises every day is at risk if they spend a lot of time sitting.  The seated position, with a 90 degree bend at your knees and hips, creates a plethora of problems that contribute to everything from illness to back problems.

It’s not just sitting, though –  it’s  being still or holding the same position all the time, even if it’s not in a seated position.  Get rid of your chairs – elevate your computer and stand at your desk.  Try to change positions as often as possible – your 1 hour of exercise every day does very little to counteract… read more here: