For as long as I can remember I have had issues with worrying about everyone else’s problems instead of dealing with my own. I have also always been lovingly referred to as “mom” by most of my friends. The thing is they know they can come to me when times are hard and when things get rough. And they know that I will be honest, direct, and truthful in my advice. I know that this is a unique gift (or atleast I have been told that’s it’s a rare gift)  So I enjoy helping others that I do not know by providing insight into life’s random and sometimes confusing moments. However, there is a fine line in helping and losing ones self in everyone else. And I will admit that I have fallen victim to doing this. But, the good news is that you aren’t completely lost! With some patience and some effort you can get back to yourself and your happiness. For me this took some time but what I found worked was doing things that I found interesting and that made me happy. Things that were for me, and me alone and no one else. It sounds selfish but we must do what is best for ourselves. When we take care of ourselves in turn we are better equipped to help others. It’s a vaulable lesson that I am still practicing and shaping for my future. What are your experiences with life and finding your bliss?

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