Can you fall back in love with someone? My husband and I have been separated for over a year. We were only married for about a year before that. We also have a son together. He wants us to work things out and be a family and I really want that too but the feelings are just not there for me anymore. Could I find a way to fall back in love? Have you?

I believe if the time is right and if the relationship is meant to be then yes you could fall back into love. People who are married fall in and out of infatuation all the time. The thing is there has to be balance and a common interest or goal. If you aren’t attracted to him and don’t think it will go there then don’t try for the sake of the child. If you want to really see if something is there then get a baby sitter and go on an actual date. Rekindle an old flame if nothing ignites then you know that it’s probably gone. However, it doesn’t mean you can create a loving family for your son. 🙂
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