How to not lead a guy on, but at the same time not give the impression to him that he is friend-zoned? To not lose his friendship and be intimate like very close friends.


I understand your question but at the same time this could be interpreted as a mixed signals. What is your ultimate goal out of this, you want friendship that could potentially lead to something more? If you are yourself around him then that’s all that matters. It’s one thing to “lead someone on” and/or take advantage. For example what is your body language around him? Are you touchy feely and constantly fawning over him? Or do are you more laid back and chill? Another way to avoid a miscommunication is when you are out with one another does he always pick up the tab? If you want to go the more friendship route then offer to split the bill. (I’m old fashioned so to me this sends more of the friendship route if you aren’t in a serious commited relationship.) If something is meant to become something more so it will be if not then that’s ok too. If one of you isn’t interested then just be honest with the other- that’s the best thing for any relationship.


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