I’m 17, my boyfriend is 18. It’s set in stone…we want to get married. One big problem? How to break this to my parents. I think his probably won’t care for the idea too much, but I have a feeling mine will handle it badly. We are waiting until I’m 18 to break the news, that way nothing can be done on their part. How should we tell them? Also, he is in the Army. I have considered signing a two year contract with the Navy to help pay for my schooling, as I want to be an RN. If we are married, will we be able to live together with me in the Navy and him in the Army? I’ve also considered the Air Force… all answers are appreciated. Thanks!  Also, we have considered this very carefully. His benefits are part of the reason we are getting married. My parents want me out of the house when I’m 18, but they won’t like the idea of marriage. He and I agree that divorce will never be in question. We don’t believe in it.


If you sign up for any military branch you won’t have the option to decide when and where you will be living. You sign your life away to the government and they will send you where you are needed. It is my understanding that the Air Force can be a little bit more flexible when it comes to these things but that has only been what I have been told, so not 100% sure. What I can tell you is that the divorce rate is extremely high within the military (regardless of branch) because most of those who are enlisted are young and also going through a lot of traumatic and life changing events. I understand that you are in love and I understand their are health coverage benefits as well as financial in marrying someone in the military. However, there is a lot more than just goes into that. Marriage isn’t always easy in it’s own right but then adding on long periods of separation, emotional and psychological stressors, it can be very difficult. I would honestly wait until he or you have both been in for a while to get adjusted to military life or until you have gone through school. (They need medical aid for the military as well so you could offer your services once you graduate)  If you are planning on joining a military branch you will receive benefits as well and don’t need to rely on him for coverage. It’s your life however if I were you I would highly recommend letting this play out until things are settled a bit more.

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